SBS receives coveted TS 16949 certificate

14 April 2011

ts_bild_1SBS has been certified to the demanding, coveted quality standard TS 16949. The globally recognised ISO/TS 16949 certificate from IATF has been specifically awarded to the company's production process located in Støvring, where brake callipers are renovated.
The areas of utilisation are the design, development and production of brake callipers, including areas such as marketing, sales, HR, IT, purchasing and strategic planning - in short, the entire SBS organisation is affected.

Throughout the implementation period, it was essential for SBS that all elements of TS were converted into something that could be used on a daily basis. SBS not only wishes to have the certificate framed and hanging on the wall, but intends to make sure that the entire company complies with the principles on which TS is based. As a result, it has become a goal for SBS to develop a quality system which focuses on ongoing improvements, with primary emphasis on preventing faults and reducing deviation and waste throughout the supply chain.

Spotlight on the customer
The entire TS system is dedicated to improving the quality system and implementing processes to increase customer satisfaction, identify problems and risks in the manufacturing process and the supply chain, eliminate their causes, and examine the effectiveness of adjustments and preventive measures. Focus The spotlight is not on discovering faults but on eliminating them altogether, thus ensuring that the customer receives a product which complies with the strictest requirements in the sector.
But it is not only the product which has been certified: the in-house processing of customer orders by SBS has also been examined and tested - from the time an order is received until the product is delivered to the customer, as well as the subsequent statistics, such as delivery capacity and response times. Here, too, SBS passed through the eye of the needle.

Deliveries to the car industry
SBS's deliveries to the car industry are the specific focus of this certification, as a company cannot choose to pursue certification on its own initiative - a requirement for certification must be submitted by a customer. "When this occurred, it was only natural for SBS to seek to achieve this, as SBS is one of the biggest brake-calliper renovation companies in Europe, and we supply some of Europe's most renowned players in the car industry," explains Tage Søborg, Plant Manager at SBS Støvring.

Will be used proactively
The investment in a TS certificate may be costly in the short term, but it will be nothing but advantageous for SBS in the long term.
Tage Søborg says: "The TS 16949 process prompted us to thoroughly examine all the procedures in our company. This has resulted in some efficiency improvements and also given us some good tools for making further improvements. At the same time, the TS certificate will strengthen our capacity to supply even more to any companies in the auto industry which require TS certification as an absolute minimum for their suppliers."

The power to stop you!
But SBS is not stopping here. The company is continuing to work with initiatives like Webshop, TecCom, TecCMI, TecVMI and EDI that aim to further increase customer safety and satisfaction.